The EPIC Mission

The Epic Report provides World Leading, Cutting Edge Commentary and Predictive Analysis applied to multiple disciplines within human endeavors.

The EPIC Genesis

The World of Commentary and “News” broadcasting and broadcasters is indeed exactly that…”broad.” Here at Epic, the approach is a much more aggressive stance on presenting the very most probable behaviors, motivations, predictive actions and outcomes taken by, or about to be taken by, people of interest, industry leaders, Influencers and stake holders.

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Host and Founder

“I founded The Epic Report to provide what the public deserves…Behavioral Based Predictive reporting other media outlets and newscasts are too timid or allegiant to present. While those broadcasts report on events that have already happened…The Epic Report provides the predictive behaviors, outcomes and implications of actions taken by, or about to be taken by, the people who have an impact on all of our lives. TheEpicReport .com is unafraid to support and report on our Democracy in order to protect all of us from a future less desirable than the present. Without a open and honest free press, democracy can all too easily, be subverted.” ~ Kevin Williams

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The Truth Shall Set You Free

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